Liffey Falls and Pine Lake (April 2016)

It’s apparently a point of contention as to whether or not Liffey or Russel Falls are the more photogenic/pretty waterfalls in the state. It’s probably a moot point, though, as they’re both great in their own ways.

There are two ways to see Liffey Falls – a track from the picnic area above the falls that takes you there almost straight away, or the longer path from the campsite below that allows you to take in Liffey Creek along the way.

I opted for the latter (though both options are gentle and easy walks) as it gave me more opportunity to walk alongside Liffey Creek and take in the sights up to the falls themselves, including a field of cairns that I made a contribution to.

On the way back to Hobart from the falls, a quick detour (and I do mean quick – about 3 minutes’ walk from the road) takes you to the observation deck at Pine Lake, an impossibly blue view with some interesting signposts about the hardy flora and fauna of the Central Plateau along the way. A lookout off the side of the road lets you look out over the Liffey State Reserve with some stunning panoramas too.

NB: It’s probably worth pointing out that the Liffey Falls track and site are currently (as of October 2016) closed to the public due to damage in recent floods. Parks and Wildlife are expecting to have it open again in the summer.


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