Clark’s Cliffs (August 2016)

Clark’s Cliffs taught me something – in an emergency, not only will I panic, I’ll also cry out “I’m panicking!!” before actually remember that I’ve got first aid training.

We were about 5km into this 9km circuit walk when Sam fell forward off a slippery log and broke his wrist. Making the best sling I could muster out of a quick-dry towel, we made our way back to the car.

Reasoning that we were further along the circuit and that it would, therefore, be quicker to just push forward, we left behind the clear, wide, and open trail we’d climbed so far, and descended into a jumbled mess of a trail – it would’ve been super fun to explore had the need to get Sam to a hospital not existed, but under the circumstances, it wasn’t exactly the most fun I’ve had hiking, and I assume probably less for Sam given he was actually the injured one.

One day I’ll do this walk again and try to take it in completely.


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