Mt Rufus – Shadow Lake Circuit (March 2017)


The Mt Rufus – Shadow Lake circuit is a lengthy walk, coming in at 18km according to the signs, and 23km according to my FitBit. I’m inclined to trust the cartographers more than my fancy pedometer, but it feels nicer to bemoan the tired limbs with the higher kilometre count.

And despite it’s reasonable length, it’s a surprisingly easy walk which is dissonant with how tiring it is by the end of it. The majority of the walk is a gentle uphill on the approach to Mt Rufus, with a similarly gentle decline on the way to Shadow Lake and then back to the visitor’s centre. The obvious exceptions are the approach and descent from the Mt. Rufus summit, but even then, the walk opts to take you on a short-but-steep ascent to the top of the ridge leading up to the summit, with another 2-ish km to then walk on a gentle incline. In brief, if you want a walk that can test your endurance but without being too physically demanding, this is probably it.

Oh, and Shadow Lake is pretty too.



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